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20 Oct 11 10:06:28 pm
Looking for a supplier for air swimmers. Any help would be appreciated.

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21 Oct 11 06:19:18 am
Hi mmtech1,

Air swimmers are not available wholesale from any source other than from Link hidden: Login to view

Retailers: Please email your orders to our office at Our phone lines are overloaded, so this is the best way to get your order in line. Remember to order in multiples of 6 since Air Swimmers come 6 to a box. Orders placed today will ship in about 8 weeks. New customers need to provide a Visa or Mastercard number when ordering.

Distributors: We do not give exclusive distribution areas in the United States or Canada since we sell directly to most of our American retailers. Thank you to those who have shown interest in distributing in Korea, Taiwan or Turkey, but we have recently signed exclusive agreements for those countries.

Hope this helps. :)


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24 Oct 11 09:56:08 pm
I love those things. I did a test booth on them in a flea market recently and people were coming from all over the building to see what they were. They are a seriously "tangible" sell; anyone who gets his hands on one pretty much will buy it if he has the money onhand. They're so much fun that it's stupid. The order turnaround sucks, since it will be all but impossible to get them for Christmas, but AirSwimmers are awesome and I would think would do well in any kind of context where people can see them in person -- mall kiosks, flea markets, events, even out in a public park if you can get some kind of vendor licence (who knows, you could probably put six in the trunk of your car, fly one around a Wal-Mart parking lot and sell a couple for cash.)

From a sales perspective they remind me of Link hidden: Login to view puppets, which I literally used to just wander around flea markets playing with and selling them like crazy, when my wife and I were big into the Atlanta flea market business.


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