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Amazon FBA Friendly Wholsalers

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15 Sep 16 06:38:43 am
Hello Forum Community,

I'm looking for wholesalers that are Amazon FBA friendly and willing to ship purchased goods directly to Amazon.
In addition, I’m looking for wholesalers that sell in almost any category/niche. Mainly Toys, Electronics, Video Games, Home & Garden, DVDs & Movies
Lastly I’m looking for great pricing so I can maintain good profit margins and stay competitive in the Amazon market place.
Minimum order amounts are fine.
Any help finding quality wholesalers would be appreciated.


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15 Sep 16 06:55:56 am
Hi Luke and welcome to the forum,

You can search for wholesalers in our directory of fully verified suppliers Link hidden: Login to view, just use the search engine to refine your search as required.

In regards to Amazon friendy, and US based wholesaler should be ahppy to send your shipment to any US address, including the Amazon FBA warehouse. In regards to margins, with wholesale it works on purchasing volume. So essentially, the more of an item you purchase, the bigger your wholesale discount will be (within reason of course)

So just speak to your supplier/s about their stucture in regards to purchasing to see how much discount you are able to secure.


Mark (fudjj)

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20 Sep 16 02:25:39 am
Hi Luke,

This forum thread may also help you with your needs: Link hidden: Login to view

All the best!


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