amazon returns by truckload and other retailers

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16 Jul 20 06:27:56 pm
Hello Everyone,
I am looking for a starting point to find how to be able to buy amazon returns by truckload. I am looking not to get it from a middleman as most likely pallets was already filtered and cherry picked.
Also other markets like Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam's Club, Low's, Home Depot, etc.

I have searched here but didn't find anything or a topic from 2008 includes broken links.
If anyone can help with sharing information on where to start or to look, that would be greatly appreciated.
I am located in California, not sure if it will make a different what state I am looking for such deals in.

Thank you All

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24 Jul 20 04:39:44 pm
Great idea,
Jeff Bezos won't be giving them away without a profit though.

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25 Jul 20 01:57:16 am
Simple Google search.

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