Anyone interested in forming a co-op? Consumer electronics

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21 Jan 07 10:41:32 pm
Hey folks I am still looking in on this however they seem legit.
They ship in bulk however I have a plan that could work for all interested.
I know it has worked for some to come together and buy bulk cases of different products then split the cases after they have shipped.
I however may be able to offer some other services and would like your honest feedback on this idea.
I currently a large unused room in my house and a small warehouse next to me. I also have a website and could use it for a buyers COOP.
If the idea I have works as planned buyers could come together on Case orders they would not be placing the money up front but would pledge to a certain amount once a full case was pledged all would be notified and the amount pledged would be withdrawn and order placed.
There would be two options as to how the products are delt with.
1 all the items you pleadged are reshipped to you and you ship them to your customers
2. 1 unit is shipped to you and I hold the rest to ship to your customers under your name (this allows you to inspect the product and reduce shipping overheads) I will package and ship the items for a small handling fee.
The exact details for all this has not been worked out however I think you get the general Idea. Most items on the site are new with warrenties some are referbs with warrenties
I am not a crook and in a way would be working for you. All members would have a say in how everything is done and what products to purchase.
I live in a safe area and would keep your products safe.
The items I am talking about are Name Brands like
I Pods the real thing with manufacturs warrenty
Nintendo WII
All Name Brands
Everything I have seen listed is the real deal no knock offs
The supplier is in Japan so I will be getting more information later on
They Quote both case price and shipping prices
Send me an email let me know what you think
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22 Jan 07 12:55:14 am
Can you give us some examples on pricing? and if you are willing will you share the source?

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23 Jan 07 02:45:33 am
Very interesting some prices you are willing to share

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23 Jan 07 03:33:44 pm
How about you get together with prospective buyers. Meet them at the pickup location join in on the purchase and split the goods right then and there and let them decide what to do with thier portion.

I currently use this method to buy fireworks. We rent a big truck goto the fireworks warehouse and make a huge purchase. Then we split the load based on what each person has paid for the items and we go our seperate ways. Ive purchased thousands of dollars worth using this method.

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23 Jan 07 08:53:10 pm
This Sounds like a good Idea. I would
be interested.

John (bacpro)

J Baca

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1 Feb 07 02:53:07 am
I could also be interested...but whereabouts are you based?

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10 Feb 07 05:06:30 pm
It alls sounds great, and would be interested but what are the prices that we would be looking at

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13 Feb 07 12:21:33 am
This sounds like an excellent idea but where would you be aquiring these goods and at what price?

I have an mp4 source that is very reasonable if your willing to converge on that market with a joint agreement of buyers.
An mp4 with an 1.8 inch screen 2GB $48 and that is a min order of 5
the more you order the lower it goes

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14 Feb 07 01:07:58 am
Sounds great I would be interested!!!!!!!!

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7 Mar 07 06:41:37 am
sounds like a good idea but can you give ex. of pricing or share your source

contact me
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7 Mar 07 08:58:50 pm
I'm interested in hearing more like, a range of prices and more information this sounds like a very good deal.

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