Anyone know where to buy Treadmills cheaper than Ebay

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23 May 07 11:52:16 am
Hi All,

I'm mad ebayer and internet searcher and I'm trying to buy a good treadmill(6hp cont + 3 hp with 50cm belt) , but was hoping to try and get it cheaper than on ebay. :lol:

If anyone knows where on earth, could you reply, as I have even tried some manufacturers but they wont sell just 1 or 2 treadmills. Or if they do, they are more expensive than ebay again. :cry:

As a small token of my appreciation, anyone interested in buying a good cheap Robot vacuum in Australia heres my best buy link after 2 years of searching :lol: I planned on reselling these but this person is selling them for less than I can import them. And I've tested the vacuum out and it's as good as a Roomba

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27 May 07 02:28:35 am
Most of those sellers are buying those items in bulk through liquidations. You cant really beat ebay prices unless you buy them in bulk liquidations from places like or

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