Anyone knows a way of unlocking Motorola V3 Razrs?

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15 Feb 07 03:02:18 am
I really need some help with this one. I've found a Chinese supplier for Motorola V3 Razrs with really cheap pricing. I've purchased several of them and some work fine while others seem to be locked and won't find service. Is there an unlock code or any way of unlocking these? There's a good opportunity here if can only get them unlocked! Any help would be appreciated.

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30 Apr 07 05:11:52 am
Well I have lived in China for years and I have never seen a phone in China that needs to be unlocked. The only locked phones in China are phones made only for China. Most of the phones are copies, real or copied skins with hacked software or something to that effect. If you can't find a single for your phones it is because they sent you phones not made for the usa signal or just junk phones which is probable. You have to get your phones from either Guangzhou or Shanghai. Anything coming from Putian province is junk and horribely fake. Most things coming out of HK are made in Guangzhou or Shenzhen. I would double check the phones before buying anymore. You can get good V3s in China for around 110 or so.

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13 Jul 07 11:15:18 pm
I found a website that may help u to unlock the phone Link hidden: Login to view

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12 Aug 07 09:45:57 pm
have a look at this website
Link hidden: Login to view

Great prices

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4 Sep 07 12:08:18 am
Here's a good price on the RAZR that I saw today. $79.99, but locked.

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