Apple, Sony, Dell electronics wanted

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21 Feb 08 04:01:14 pm
I'm looking for name brand electronics. Mostly I would like the new Apple macbook air. I would like to know where to get game consoles also. I've seen sites that sell older models but I want the new ones such ass Xbox 360 and PS3.

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22 Feb 08 12:09:49 am
For starters, if you check out Apple's website they tell you their requirements to become a licensed Apple reseller. To let you know, you have to do $100,000 in Net sales for 2 years before they will even look at your application. Good luck and hope this helps, but look for yourself their standards could have changed over the last year, but I doubt it.

Xbox 360 and PS3...there are several distributors who sell these but the margin isn't good. Many distributors can only knock about 10 bucks off of the MSRP. Good luck and if you find more places w/ better discounts let me know.

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22 Feb 08 06:02:37 am
you can even try contacting these companies directly for thier out of warranty items. They are customer returns that dont qualify for the warranty program. Or items that are no longer promoted on thier website. Overstocks. You can usually find these items pretty nicely discounted.

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27 Jun 08 10:32:43 pm
Are you looking for Dell Desktops or Laptops. I represent a company that sells wholesale bulk computers. 50 or more. I earn a referral fee and can't honestly say what the price for these computers would be. They are a manufacturer who builds computers from the groud up and also sells them. If you would give me your name address contact etc I will put them in contact with you. It cost nothing to talk. Mike. Link hidden: Login to view

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30 Jun 08 01:17:28 pm

My name is Mike Pitzer. I represent a company that manufactures Dell Desktops and Laptops to customer specifications. They also sell existing Dell Desktops and Laptops. They only sell by bulk order. 50 or more. I can not honestly say what the price is. I don't know. I work on a percentage of sales basis. I do know that the company is a manufacturer at wholesale prices and are strictly
professional with high standards and reputation. Are you interested
in talking with a representative. It may or may not be what you are looking for but it will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time. If this interests you then please contact me at. Link hidden: Login to view. I would need your name and contact information to pass on to my supplier who will contact you. Thank you very much. Michael L. Pitzer 5736 US Highway 62 West, Greenville, Kentucky, 42345. 270-338-7637.
Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

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14 Jul 08 04:23:44 am
Try MK Enterprise:
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They have a 4 star rating in the directory from fellow Salehoo members. Salehoo have also used them personally several times and found them to have quality name brand products as well as a reliable international service.

Check them out! :)

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