Are there any jewelry dropshippers that are legit?

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4 Oct 07 09:51:23 am
I would like to know are there any jewelry dropshippers that has gold, silver and diamonds? If anyone let me know. :)

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4 Oct 07 09:00:55 pm
Making money with jewelry dropshippers is almost impossible. eBay is swamped with Asian sellers who are buying direct (or sometimes are direct manufacturers) and can kill you on price for anything that you'll typically find at a dropshipper.

A better bet in my experience, if you have to use a dropship arrangement, is to find a seller of 'middle market' stuff and work out an agreement with them. By 'middle market' I mean stuff generally nicer and more expensive than you're going to find in a retail store, but not ultra-high-end designer stuff.

This is a market with which I have a lot of experience and in which I used to be very active. All attempts to move downmarket to inexpensive pieces, using dropshippers or otherwise, have not been worth the time for me personally.


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