Are there any mp4 player dropshippers in the United States?

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11 Oct 07 07:42:56 am
I want to know if there is any mp4 or chinese iphone suppliers in the UNITED STATES? :lol:

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11 Oct 07 07:08:00 pm
Yes; there are several companies in the US that import in bulk from Chinese suppliers and dropship. Although their prices aren't as good as buying direct it might be a better idea if you're new to pay a premium on trust and a local phone call (this is not to disparage Chinese sellers in general; it's just that a world away it's a lot easier to get away with things that someone the next state over can't.)

There should be some listed in the Salehoo directory; several advertise in Link hidden: Login to view as well.


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11 Oct 07 09:24:43 pm
One company that comes to mind that I used a few weeks ago was Link hidden: Login to view

They have MP4 players that look just like the Ipod nanos. The ones I sold the customers were satisfied so I am assuming they are good quality even though they get them from China.

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30 Jan 08 09:41:51 pm
You may find these links useful. Good luck :)

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

Both have high ratings on the salehoo directory.

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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