Australian consumer electronics suppliers?

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2 Apr 07 02:48:09 am
hello all,

can someone help me out there, we just starting up we are trying to look for suppliers in Australia for the following thing, ipods, ps3 and games, xbox 360 plus games and dvds please help

thank you


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2 Apr 07 03:04:17 pm
I'm not sure about the ipods except for becoming an Apple authorised reseller - but I'm not sure what their process is.

Dick Smith supposedly has wholesale for anyone with an ABN, but don't bother - you only get about a dollar or two off their retail price.

With regard to DVDs, I've had the same problem. What I ended up doing was to start contacting DVD distributors themselves. Ie think of the larger scale ones eg Magna Vision, Village Roadshow, etc, and then send them an email. The worst part is that most won't look at you unless you already have established relationships with others in the industry. Where does that leave a business that has started up from scratch and doesn't yet have those relationships?

Village Roadshow sent me an email reply requesting my address so that they could send me an application. I'm just going to have to try to wing it. I would suggest starting there, as they're releasing Happy Feet later this month, and I think there will be quite a demand for that product.

With the other gaming products - I would try contacting the official distributors and seeing if they can give you a list of dealers that they sell to. The trick is getting one that is wholesale to businesses and not retail - and even then, unless you have quite a bit of volume, you may not be getting the best prices - but it's worth a try.

I've noted before in other posts that certain items - DVDs, books, ipods, etc - are almost like exclusive cliques, with the little guy and start up business on the outer from the start and unable to compete.

I have an application for Magna Pacific and Village Roadshow will be sending one out by mail. I can post in this forum when I have an update on that and what they require in order to open an account with them. I really want access to Paramount so I can sell Star Treks - I've been fortunate enough to almost complete my own collection and I've noticed that there are steady bids in this area, particularly for the original casing which is no longer being made.

You might want to check out this web page that I came across in my travels. It has contact details for some Australian distributors:

Link hidden: Login to view

Amazing what you can find in Google that you can't find in wholesale lists!!! :lol:


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