Authentic Apparel Suppliers wanted - Nike, Adidas, Diesel

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7 Jun 07 07:08:35 pm
We currently import good from china but are looking to buy nothing but authentic goods to hopefully grow as a business.i have spent so long looking online researching and don't seem to get anywhere.we are looking to wholesale clothing and footwear.we want names such as nike, adidas, bape, gstar, diesel get the idea.the only sites i have found are still selling the products at a fairly high price to say there would be greatly appreciated if anybody on here could help us in anyway.any advice at all is truly appreciated.hope to be hearing from you all soon.thanks for reading. :D

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7 Jun 07 08:03:02 pm
well remember you get what you pay for, unless you buy in large amounts you don't get a really decent price break. especially with diesel, because diesel owns all of their stores, they have tight requires on their distributors. if you want to buy diesels at 30-40 bucks a pair, your buying 10k or more pairs at a time. otherwise your looking from 80-190 depending on style and wash. this is the same with any high-end designer. you can get nike, adidas, and others at resonable prices you just have to look and look hard. right now liquidation has 50 pair mixed lot with nike, adadis, asic, and some others if you want to take a look.

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8 Jun 07 05:14:56 am
If you looking into buying larger quantities, you should consider buying into surpluss and liquidations.

Alot of these items are found regularly on Link hidden: Login to view you can buy them for much cheaper then wholesale.

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