Authentic Designer Sunglasses

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8 May 07 04:59:11 pm
I'm looking for a source of authentic designer sunglasses, such as Gucci, Dior, etc. Whether it's a wholesaler, liquidator, any source will do. Thanks.

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10 May 07 08:21:02 am
These items are very hard to find. I cannot even find them myself. They are also a high lable item meaning there is no wholesale source that you can use without paying for a massive minimum order..

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10 May 07 08:53:31 am
Please refer to the following link. I answered the same question for another member seeing designer sunglasses.

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One tip for you. If you are not in the Optical business and have no established sucessfull business, you will not be able to establish an account with the manufacturers of designer sunglasses. The top 3 Manufactuers, Luxottica, Safilo and Marchon are vertically integrated. This means they design, manufactuer, market and distribute their ow products.

Please never buy anything from China, it is all fake. Almost EVERY major designer manufactuers in Italy, France, Luxumberg, and on occasion in Japan(Usually Japanese Designers).

I will let you in on a little secret though. You can sometimes purchase designer sunglasses around wholesale on Ebay. Those sellers selling at or below wholesale have found liquidators. These sellers, however have invested $$$$ to get a good deal. They are usually closeouts, last years models, or discontinued.

If you want to inspect items before you purchase, may I offer a little secret: OFF SAKS. If you have one near you, go check it out. I have been an ABO certified Optician for 5 years, and I can tell you point blank, that their sunglasses are priced at regular wholesale. This is *Usually* around 60-70 USD. There is a lot of ugly sunglasses. But look hard and you will find many hot sellers.

Just make sure you do your homework. Know what the models you are looking for are, and what they typically sell for. Market, Market, Market. There will ALWAYS be someone selling the same exact thing for much less on ebay. Make yourself stad out. You MUST have High feedback, a 100% money gaurentee and Pictures. Get creative, but no word spamming, Ebay doesnt like that.

Hope that helps a bit :)

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10 May 07 12:50:57 pm
Thank you for your help!


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23 Aug 13 07:30:57 pm
Can You please give me the information that how can i buy the ray ban sunglasses in bulk wholesale price directly from luxottica Group

thank you

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26 Aug 13 12:31:58 am
Hello Pkushop,

Please note that you are replying to a thread that is more than 7 years old, so some information may no be current.

Ray Ban sunglasses are a bit difficult to source online as are many brand name products. Kindly refer to this blog - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps!


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