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Authentic handbags - where can I find them?

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6 Aug 06 02:19:14 am
Hello, I'm trying to weed out the fakes. I was wondering if anyone uses a wholesaler to buy authentic handbags in bulk and would like to share the site with me. I am new here and I am a little overwhelmed.. thanks for your anticipated responses....Brenda

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7 Aug 06 04:49:07 am
I've sold several Louis Vuitton hand bags and have found good deals on overstock auctions. There is less bidding competition on their auctions, you can get them cheaper and resell on ebay. I've made hundreds doing this. Just make sure the seller has good feedback though.

Haven't had much luck finding a wholesale supplier with low enough prices to actually make good profit from though.

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7 Aug 06 05:03:58 am
thanks so much is it overstock auctions? the name of the site.. I am grateful for your help thanks so much...so very much

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7 Aug 06 05:31:13 pm
If you see this comment in a user's post:

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This is in place for the protection of SaleHoo members, because it is easy for a Scammer to get a membership and then scam members out of thousands of dollars before an admin can catch them. We recommend that no users buy product from this seller until they have been cleared by SaleHoo as registered Sellers.

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15 Sep 08 04:50:37 am
Try Link hidden: Login to view

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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