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4 Oct 10 01:03:04 am
Hello all,

Ive been on the site for a few hours now, and i dont know if its i dont know how to use it or what but..

im looking for wholesale lots of ipods (could be used or returns) that i can buy at 5,10,15, or 20 at a time, get a good deal on them and then resell them on ebay. that is the kind of sites i hoped to find here on SaleHoo but so far all ive found are a bunch of shady electroic sites who dont offer wholesale lots and have very similar prices to what i could buy them for on, not worth my time then.

please advise as to weather or not im doing somthing wrong or looking in the wrong place. thanks


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4 Oct 10 11:58:05 am

from personal experience In regards to the following wish, I would like to say a few things when it comes to a favorably amount of struggle.

As an alternative of trying to find a loophole, I suggest this be the first of them. In a good way of buying ipods in bulk, there are many tricks to be avoided. Now when I say this, I mean scams.

Selling ipods on eBay is very, very competitive. Okay, sense it to this. Apple sells directly to it's consumers. They have assigned distrubutors that sell to resellers.. manufacturer - apple - distributor -reseller - consumer.

You may, however go the usual way by negotiating with a wholesaler that some how fits this equation.

Apple decreases this and therefore the only way to go is through the distributor, relentless to say.

If you be after to bad buy from Apple, you have to buy $100,000 USD worth of merchandise per capita a year from Apple if you desire to buy directly from them, with the minimum of fuss.

If you prepare it this way, you will be recognized as a distributor, and almost certainly, can make a suitable amount of profit from selling ipods as well as imacs.

If you covet to buy from an assigned distributor, for each has their own rules and regulations like buying a account for access, but as far as this operates,

you in all probability will have a number of time resulting in finding a distributor that will allow you to make margin profit, that makes it even firmer to sell on eBay.

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4 Oct 10 12:25:13 pm
Welcome to SaleHoo Sean and thanks for helping out ZoeyJane :)

I agree with ZoeyJane, because of Apple's desire to protect their brand the requirements to source their products at wholesale is extremely high. If you want to source these items wholesale, you’ll need to fill out an application on Apple’s website and be able to meet a minimum annual purchase requirement of more than $100,000 and provide 2 business references – among other things. You can read the full requirements here:

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Also, you have to consider that Apple products have a highly competitive market. Unless you are able to meet Apple's requirements it might be much better to sell accessories instead not only are they easier to source but will require a lot less capital.

Here is a list of a few SaleHoo suppliers for Apple accessories:

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Hope this helps :)


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