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9 Aug 11 11:55:19 am
I have been selling on ebay for about 5 months now and want to expand my business. I am interested in baby einstein products. I had a bit of a look around for suppliers but not really sure what I'm doing. I'm in Australia and am looking for suppliers (including dropshippers) in Australia, the USA and the UK. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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10 Aug 11 01:01:28 am
Hi cracinsales,

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You can get Baby Einstein wholesale directly from the source -

The Specialty Retailer Program is designed for independent and specialty retailers to order product directly from the Baby Einstein Company at wholesale prices. Baby Einstein product has been around for over 10 years and continues to be very popular with expecting parents, new parents and caregivers. Every 2 out of 3 moms own Baby Einstein products, with over 98% awareness among expecting and new parents. Sign up or sign in today to place your order!
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You will notice that a lot of Chinese sellers offer these DVDs and DVD box sets for ridiculously low prices. Don't be tempted to buy them because they are just copies and it is illegal to sell counterfeit products, especially at eBay.

Hope this helps! :)


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15 Aug 11 06:41:34 pm
As with a lot of other DVD sets, your best supplier for selling on eBay is often going to be ... eBay. Pick them up in packages, resell them individually at a markup. Wholesale prices on DVDs, even from major outlets, tend to be so close to the price one can get at Amazon or other big sellers "retail" that it can be a serious waste of effort to try to start selling them new. But, particularly with baby & child-oriented stuff, the discs are going to be in good shape (because they're only ever handled by adults, in theory) and whole sets will not be hard to come by.


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