because I cannot find a provider with good price?

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5 May 11 05:06:31 pm
because the providers here have prices high?
and I dress many here, and the prices are much more expensive than in ebay
for ej..
where do the sellers of ebay buy?


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5 May 11 09:43:18 pm
Hi glan and welcome to SaleHoo.

We see this type of question a lot here on the forum, and it comes from not really understanding the eBay marketplace.

eBay is a wholesale market place, meaning that the prices reflected there are quite often already set at wholesale price and even far lower in a lot of cases.

The way sellers are able to sell at these crazy low prices is to buy large volumes of stock from suppliers, giving them a serious volume discount on their order. What they then do is sell on eBay at a very thing margin, depending on how popular the products are, the margin they sell for can be extremely small, because they make their money on turnover.

You also have the situation where many wholesale companies actually use eBay to sell their own stock at prices that are extremely hard to compete with.

It's not that way with all products, but it certainly is with most of the popular selling products.

If you can give us an idea on what products you are wanting to sell and the supply method you wish to purchase them through, wholesale, liquidation, drop shipping etc, then our customer support team will see if they can find you some supplier leads to follow up with.

Another thing to consider is when looking at websites for wholesale prices, you will usually only find basic pricing. Wholesale pricing is based on the volume you order, the more you order, the better the price ..... to a point of course.

What you need to do when chasing wholesale prices is to contact the supplier and open a line of communication. Once you know what the supplier can provide, and they know exactly what you require, then a price based on those details can be provided.

Mark (fudjj)

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6 May 11 11:11:42 pm
AS usual Fudjj is right. Might I suggest researching smaller companies that produce their own product and making an arrangement with them. I have found that many smaller companies even dropship for a small or no fee.

Competing on eBay for popular items is a tough business. You can research and find profit niches but it is time consuming.

You have to get out of the armchair and research in the real world.

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6 May 11 11:56:10 pm
[Quote:e5f44d41] Como es habitual Fudjj es correcto. ¿Puedo sugerir la investigación de las empresas más pequeñas que producen sus propios productos y hacer un arreglo con ellos. He encontrado que muchas empresas pequeñas, incluso para una pequeña nave o gratis.

Competir en eBay de artículos populares es un negocio duro. Usted puede investigar y encontrar nichos de beneficio, pero es mucho tiempo.

Tienes que salir de la butaca y la investigación en el mundo real. [/ Quote:e5f44d41]
if there is no response
let's try not to lose the time, and to do productive responses.


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