blu-ray movies wanted

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7 Jul 08 06:54:32 am
Any where i can find blu-ray movies for low price? $5-$10 each? everytime i find a wholesalers site, the prices are the same as anywhere i see. also cell phones like nokia n95 for wholesalers price

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26 Jul 08 03:44:39 am
It is almost impossible to get in this business for less than 10 gs as you really have to buy in bulk.

The other roadblock is there is a huge underground of shoplifters who seem to have mastered the art of stealing.

Many are under 18 and are cavalier in their life of crime. They are so brazen that they walk right past security while the anti theft devices at the door are going off and pretend they are on the phone and just keep walking.

They are insidious. I have read some of their posts in underground forums.(Well as underground as you can get on the internet)

They buy special exacto knives and magnets to de-strip the security devices. They take the items into bathrooms and do their handy work there and walk out almost on a daily basis with 4 or 5 movies.

They unplug security cameras etc etc... .

I was quite surprised at the sheer volume these knuckleheads steal.

I wont go into all the strategy here but these kids are raking in some coin.

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22 Sep 08 03:15:40 am
Try Link hidden: Login to view for the Nokia N95

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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