Branded clothing supplier in China wanted

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8 Oct 07 07:12:49 pm

Does anyone know of any legitimate branded clothes/shoe manufacturer in China?


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1 Apr 10 02:16:48 pm
to be perfectly honest i doubt anything from china is legitimate, they are mostly all identical copies. they are good quality actually, they are only copies because they are unauthorized to sell the goods, its not fake that they are made from completely different materials. most of the real items are made in china but they have a license. people like DHGate and are like eBay and are unlikely to have these licenses.

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7 Apr 10 02:09:22 am
I agree with DaviesIndependantTraders. Because so much of the world’s goods are now manufactured in China, it’s not uncommon for a Chinese manufacturer to get an order of designer clothes or shoes and then make a few hundred more extra. They’ll give the original order to the brand’s preferred distributors, but they’ll sell the others on the sly to other contacts. So, even though the items are exactly the same, they are still counted as fakes, simply because they weren’t authorized by the brand owners.

As most of the brand name items that come out of China are replicas or fakes, you should always assume that this is the case in the first instance.

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7 Apr 10 06:20:58 am
So TRUE! When I lived in China a friend of mine brought us to one particular store that had a number of highly sought after sports brands and other designer name products. Name it and they've got it - most of the items there were indeed the real deal, the only catch was they were not licensed to sell any of the brands they had.

Imagine when Nike Free first came out you could get one for only RMB 120 that's not even a fraction of the cost if you want to buy one in the authorized stores.

A great number of designer clothing is made in China and because of corruption that's why we have piracy - people see that they can make money off it. A lot of these factories contracted by these brand owners make their own stocks without the brand owners knowledge and sell them in the back end.

It's sad but its true and its a thriving business there and in a number of other countries...


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7 Apr 10 11:55:18 am
lol, sorry, but I love this question... a true classic : )

The terms legitimate supplier and branded anything from China should never be used in the same sentence, just doesn't happen : )

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