Can anyone help me find New Release US DVDs?

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23 Jul 09 03:08:30 pm
Can anyone help me find New Release US dvds? Not looking to make a huge profit from them, would just like to find a wholesaler for them. Looking to buy bulk. Found some sites but they seemed to only list older releases. I would like to find New Releases that are just coming out. Thanks for you help!

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24 Jul 09 03:56:01 am
Hi duckb32,

I did a search for a supplier of this product but couldn't seem to find one that has really recent releases or those that are just coming out. However, you could check the ff suppliers:

Link hidden: Login to view - Their new releases include The Uninvited, Friday the 13th, etc. which you may not consider as 'new' but compared to the rest, they are the most recent. Check out their other new releases. You might find something that interests you.

Link hidden: Login to view -You could email them for a list of titles of their new releases.

Hope that helps! :)

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24 Jul 09 04:12:11 am
If you have a read of our Market Guide: DVDs & Games (Bonuses Guides), you'll learn that the only way to get new release dvds wholesale is to go directly to the studios. Even then, you'll only get 5% or less off the retail price.

Have a read of the guide for some ideas of other ways to make money from selling DVDs.


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7 Dec 09 06:40:50 pm
grace from salehoo - question - you say that you can only expect to get 5% off retail even if you can set up a deal with the studio... Does that mean that most dvd's at flea markets and on ebay and amazon are fakes?


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