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15 Jul 08 09:10:46 am

The moral of the story is that i need a wholesaler that does legitimate DVD's. Yes i know, i have gone through almost every single post, which have provided links i have gone through. Yes some of the wholesalers or dropshippers provide fake dvd's, some of them are limited to selection of DVD's, some of which dont ship internationaly, some of which want a membership fee before they will show you the price (which i am skeptic about). Not willing to part my money until they are able to tel me what am in for before hand etc etc.

Now this is my struggle, also taking in2 account that i live in the UK. So dont have many uk wholesalers here, and if there is, theyre not as cheap as (buying product+shipment from abroad).

Ive stumbled across a few sites, they either have what i want but possibly counterfiets like DHgate, or they are originals but dont have the selection am looking for, forgot what the website was, Something like nvm or mvm, and finally, they have what am looking for but dont ship internationally like Wallmart i believe.

Can anybody shed some light, I have done all the checks, asking the supplier if they are originals, his reply 'they are original official china release version, with the seal and are not copies, Brand new in box?' most reply saying the same. I Tried listing one on ebay and was taken off by FACT ltd saying i was breaking their infringment rights. Well i thought they were official china release version. What am i to do?

Am looking for box sets for tv series like ER, Sex in the City, X Files, Buffy the Vampier Slayer etc etc.

Is ther anyone out there willing to give some help or some tips or pms with tips/websites etc as i am coming to the end of the road with no luck

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15 Aug 08 02:54:11 am
Ive actually had this question many times before and have tried to find a legit wholesaler in the UK. Ive even asked a few of the retailers over there if they knew who manufactured their stock and nobody even bothered to reply.

Generally most of these movies since many of the biggest come from hollywood are manufactured by a company in the USA and exported to the proper countries.

China is not authorized to do anything since 99.9 percent of the fakes come from china.

I hope your not thinking of trying to sell dvd's on ebay. I don't know about the UK but the dvd market here in the US has turned to absolute Crap.

I will check with my sources over here and see if they manufacture multiple regions and get back to you with my findings.

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