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5 Nov 07 11:53:07 pm
Sorry for the long entry, I'm currently in upsetmode
Has anyone tried it?
I joined the data entry, and basically itz a whole load bunch of info which leads you to another web where u have to promote products. Has anyone succeeded in these kinds of programs? I ask for a refund in the end

And the guy in charge of certified media specialist rang me up this morning from the US. I'm so pissed, as the price for just onenot the whole program(to promote ebay, that as long as any registered user place a bid, i get to earn a certain amt of rev) is 299 usd not incl postage, i said I like to think about it, he goes on about how successful people just do it and the normal ppl just think about it and that if i won't make a decision now, I probly won't have one the next day I'm not skeptical about making a profit from promoting ebay, it's just that he put me in a situation where i feel so forced, and can't help but to think that this is a SCAM, because he is in SUCH a rush to get my payment.And in the end he just ssid that' sorry we don't want you,blahblahblah'

Made me feel so crap at the start of the day. I just need to know if anyone actually succeeded in these marketing program?
I was so looking forward in doing marketing at uni,are all marketers that scary? :(

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14 Dec 07 05:12:09 pm
Yes mate, I would say that 99% of people in marketing (especially when selling to the general public) will use the kind of tactics that you've experienced here in the interests of getting a sale - they really don't care if the customer feels pressured or intimidated by their angle, to them it's just business. Sad but true. Don't take it personally :D

As for the product - I've no experience of this one, but as a rule I generally ignore any products or services provided by any company that uses agressive tactics in their selling.


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