Cheap maternity wear manufacterers or exporters?????

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22 Jul 07 08:24:47 am
Hi all,
am wanting any advice on where i can find some MANFACTERERS of maternity wear. i am wanting to start selling funky fresh materntiy wear and have found some great sellers but the prices are all too high so i would like to go straight to the source. would apreciate your help!

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23 Jul 07 08:55:36 am
This is a tough one to go into as there is no set maternity clothing manufacturer. There are many companies and set companies that specialize in maternity clothing. This line of manufactures will require you to get your hands dirty and Contact them individually and see if they can suit your needs.

I can give you a few. But the larger list can simply be found through a google search and simply contacting them yourself to find the best deals to fit your budget and selling needs.

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Or a google search here.
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7 Aug 07 02:12:50 am
Hi Vanessa,
Finding a manufacture is going to be a challenge for anyone that is just starting out in importing. TAKE NOTE - I USED THE WORD CHLLENGING NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Some of the factors that you need to consider is
I have been very fortunate in the sense that I got hold of a Chinese guy who is now my supplier/checker through a manufacture that I emailed 2 years ago. It was the manufacture that actually got this guys for me because the quantity I wanted was really really low and from the manufacture side of things, the MOQ (minimum order quantity) I was asking was really low. So instead of just brushing me off they found an English speaking chinese guy who checks the products before its being packed and ready for collection by my freight company. I am scheduling my first trip to China to visit this factory and also potential ones with Steve (my supplier). I think it is worth it if you actually try and save and travel across and spend about 10 - 15 days visiting potential suppliers and manufactures

If you want I can ask Steve if he can look into maternity products. And oh by the way, my products are rugby gear and merchandise. I have my own brand of rugby gear and rugby merchandise. I hope to find a distributor in New Zealand soon as I distribute in London, Toronto, Washington DC, Sydney, Adelaide and in Fiji. Just came back from Holland and we're about to launch there in 2008.

Once again, keep looking and email manufactures. Mail them some designs of your products, ask for their MOQ (minimum order quanity), if you're happy with their MOQ, ask them what will their FOB (full on board) quote be for that MOQ. Another trick to the trade that a lot of people get turned away on is, the MOQ could be higher but the quote is very low. Try asking them to come down on the MOQ and get them to agree on a desirable FOB quote.
If you need further help, email me and we'll see how it goes from there.

Best regards,

Aminiasi Rainima
Ticka Sports

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6 Aug 08 12:47:34 am
You may like to have a look at these manufacturers found in the Salehoo directory...

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Link hidden: Login to view (this one does not ship internationally so may not be of any use to you in NZ).
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Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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