China golf clubs - supplier wanted

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7 Aug 11 05:03:34 pm
Im looking for a supplier/website from china, yes i know they will be replicas and that's what i want as this will only be for family members and friends.

They know what they are buying and are happy with that.

My old supplier has packed up shop, so i need a new one asap.

Can you's point me in the right direction towards a good trustworthy chinese supplier.


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7 Aug 11 08:27:56 pm
Hey Paul,

Try Link hidden: Login to view they don't have a lot on their website, however, you can email them a photo of exactly what you're looking for to see if they have it or if they can get it for you.

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7 Aug 11 10:04:05 pm
Thanks for your reply, appreciate it, but thats not quite the site i had in mind, anyone else know any chinese golf equipment supply websites that are trustworthy?

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8 Aug 11 04:40:51 am
Hi Paul,

You might want to check out - Link hidden: Login to view

There are thousand of suppliers selling the items you are looking for.

Hope this helps :)


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