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Collectible card games supplier wanted

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6 Jul 09 07:18:27 pm
Hello everyone, I am a new comer to Salehoo and to the wholesale/ecommerce business, but I've got to say I love Salehoo's forum, there are tons of information and tips that are extremely helpful.

I am currently looking for wholesaler/distributors of collectible card games, such as Magic the Gathering, World of Wardcraft, Yu-gi-oh, etc. They are a hobby of mine, and I would love to be able to resale them, and to collect them at a reduced rate.

So let me know if you have any leads, Thank you.

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6 Jul 09 07:26:05 pm
in all the searching i've done, only once have i come across something like that. it was yugioh cards, though i cant remember where i saw it. something like that i think would be really hard to source, might have to call up the actual distributors on that one.
fellow yugioh / magic player here. well magic was like 15 years ago when i played. oh how i wish i had the cards that i had way back when, id be RICH!

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6 Jul 09 08:53:25 pm
Welcome to the site xtreasures.

I would suggest passing that inquiry to the support staff to see if they can turn up some leads for you, Link hidden: Login to view


Mark (fudjj)

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6 Jul 09 09:59:24 pm
Thank you raiderjake and fudjj for your suggestions I will give them a try and see what turns up.

and raiderjake, I wish I kept my cards too... sold them way back. Just started playing again with a few friends, this time I'm gonna keep them!!!

I have also done some digging with google as well and came up with two sites that seems legit. They both ask for sales tax license and pictures of store front before I can sign up with them.

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

Just wondering if anyone had dealings with them and knows if they are legit or not.
I will try to contact them myself, but probably won't be able to sign up with them, since my friend and I just started the company recently we do have the retail sales license, but we don't expect getting a store front anytime soon.

anyways thanks for the help

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22 Jul 09 11:52:36 pm
Hi xtreasures,

If you haven't already, try Link hidden: Login to view, they carry card game sets including the ones you were looking for.

I haven't personally dealt with Centurion Hobby Distributors or Mad Al Distributors, but I checked their sites and they should be safe to deal with. Both accept safe payment methods such as Paypal and major credit cards. Centurion Hobby has been online since 1998, and Mad Al, 1999.

All the best!

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23 Jul 09 12:15:08 am
Hi xtreasures,

Here's another SaleHoo supplier that you may want to check out:

Link hidden: Login to view[yugioh]

With regards to the 2 sites you mentioned, as Satya has previously stated they are pretty safe to use but please note that these sites will only sell to retailers and seldom to an individual customer.

Hope you find the card sets you've been looking for! :)


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