Counterfeit bags

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14 Jun 07 05:45:52 pm
I was curious as to the expereince some of you may of had. I recently sold two bags which after some thought and reading here may be counterfeit. Though the seller I bought them from advertised and claimed them to be authentic (as my receipt states). How much trouble could I really get into and have any of you had this happen to you?


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16 Jun 07 04:40:21 am
Its based on if the buyer notices they are fakes and contacts you the police or the manufacturer..

Selling fakes is a crime in the United States and any other Country that has laws to protect merchants from loosing money on fake imports and knockoffs.

The Punishement may vary depending on the state you are charged in.
If the manufacturer files charges.
If the buyer files charges.

And other options avaliable to local and federal authorities.

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