DHGate - Positive experiences?

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30 Nov 07 12:53:22 am
Im new to the salehoo community and thinking about using dhgate to source my products. Has anyone had any positive experiences from this source

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8 Dec 07 12:44:44 pm
i had no problems with them..they are similiar as a chinese ebay....

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9 Dec 07 03:31:02 am
Hi all,
I have had major problems with dhgate... Firstly with purchasing counterfiet products like their GHD Hair Straighteners listed on dhgate as 100% genuine which ended up getting pulled from my ebay listing on Ghd's request as the 'authentic hologram' was fake, hence losing money. Some list their items as mirror copies but let me assure you selling these is illegal.
I have also paid for items been told they were shipped and they werent...the ems number does not register when I have tried to track parcel and dhgate or the supplier 'MY GHD' will not return my email so again I have lost money. I have contacted dhgate regarding this matter and they do NOT get back to you. Their dispute system is totally flawed.
Basically the majority of items on dhgate are FAKE and you will only lose your money so I'd stay right away from their website unless you are willing to lose money or deal with illegal countrefiet products that will only get you in trouble.
If you are still unsure Google them, i wish i did. :evil: :(
Not a happy customer!!!

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7 Jan 08 05:16:45 am
I still have 10 fake Gucci's, 20 fake Burberry scarves, and not even Craigslist wants them. They were advertised as 100% Authentic, and I even asked them before I bought if they were for sure authentic, and they assured me that they were. I ended up with a load of crap that I can't sell. The scarves had me fooled, they look very real, but when I listed them on e-bay, they got pulled. Don't do it unless you are looking to sell at a flea market or somewhere like that.

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7 Jan 08 06:29:10 am
It seems more bad experiences.The price on it is very competitive but also the risk is very high,for there are many fake products!


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