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24 Jun 08 11:18:33 am
I am trying to locate genuine gucci/fendi bags and wallets - Discount Designers looks good...........but is it too good to be true?
I don't want to get done for selling fakes.
How can I find out if they are genuine resellers?

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8 Jul 08 03:08:54 am
Hi, I can call myself a genuine reseller. I've been in this authentic handbag business for about 2 yrs and I get my products from the liquidators, which means that all mine are past seasoned. I have my online store at ***Deleted by Admin*** and can give deep discounts to the resellers who order 2 or more at a time.

You can find many blogs out there about the discounted designer handbags, mostly bad, but tell you the truth, there is little percentage of honest resellers like myself who only carry the authentic.

If you are newbie in this business, you gotta do your homework. You can't just depend on someone else's words. Go to department stores and check out all small details of the genuine handbags in and out before you order your first handbag from the resellers. Then compare your handbag with the department's to see if there's any flaw.

It takes some time to distinguish between authentics and fakes. But once you gain this knowledge, you will not have any problem finding the authentic.



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8 Jul 08 11:00:46 am
I would definitely love to do business with you if your stuff is legit.

But I would like to know is there a good profit that you can make out of these?

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14 Jul 08 01:36:06 am
Take a look at this site in the Salehoo directory.

Link hidden: Login to view

They have a range of Fendi and Gucci handbags and wallets all of which are guaranteed 100% genuine.

Good luck :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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26 Mar 09 12:38:04 am
so is salehoo endorsing this company? i have read a post or two about the authenticity of this site and it wasn't that good... are they for real?


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