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Dropshippers For latest Mobile phones.

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27 Jun 06 08:21:31 pm
Please help and take 2 minutes to read !

I since as a little boy wanted to sell mobile phones at affordable prices to my customers ' I always did some great coursework and assignments for my gcse and business a level about them too.

Im highly intrested in Nokia 8800 / nokia n91 and samsung d600 and all other latest models which are high sellers .

'' My key business with them is not profit like every business craves for ' My main Intrest In this Sector of mobile phones is a Intrest and to seek good transactions, climbing up the ladder to make a good name for myself and the company i will register with ' My key is Business Reputation and offering great service to my buyers. ''

But when you want to start business I never knew the vital key information is finding the best suppliers and thats like a needle in a haystack.

So please from 1 freind to another ' can some 1 show me a geen signal to the right source with competetive low prices and that can dropship from my behalf.

I too have shared many sources from ipod to psps ' and it would be nice if other salehoo members can help me .

I need the besy latest mobile phone suppliers ' who also can dropshipp and take safe payments such as Escrow or Pyapal.

The 1 that can offer me the best guidance ' and help to the right way then i will be gladly to e-mail them and help them find their dream source as i have many in other related areas such ' as electronics' and clothing which are very good.

Kind regards

Mr sharaaz (, '')

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27 Jun 06 09:01:59 pm
How much do feel like paying for each one?

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26 Jul 06 08:30:25 am
How much do feel like paying for each one?

Nokia 8800 = 600 usd

nokia n91 = 650 usd

Thats my target price.

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17 Sep 08 04:12:41 am
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