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30 May 07 08:21:48 pm
I bought a set of DVD's from DHgate and the sell said they were not copies but once it arrrives is there a way i can tell if it was fake or not?

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30 May 07 10:00:40 pm
It is fake. I promise you. I know for a fact that distrobution rights are limited to 3 different companies in China, companies in Shanghai, GuangZhou, and Beijing. It isn't permitted by law to export any media from China, i.e. DVDs, CDs, or consumable media. Companies that manufacturer consumable medias have special lincensing from the gov't. All you have to do is ask for a copy of their distrobution license. They may give you something in Chinese but you won't get a real English copy. You can look at the disc for faded photos, poor grammar, wrong photos, ect. If it is a newer series, like season 6 of 24 or something, it will only be part of the season because it is dubbed off the internet or tv. If you are happy with the quality of the box set, apperance, video and audio qualty ect then don't worry about it. Additionally an easy way to tell also is go through the menu screen, ensure all the audio, sub-tittles, extas, commentaries all that good stuff is there. Also the DTS label is never printed on the covers of real DVDs, you may find it in the credits on the back but never advertised on the box.

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31 May 07 12:52:45 am
I second that, No legitimate Big Picture movies ever come from china that arent bootlegs..

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5 Jun 07 04:20:43 am
They will be fakes unless you lucked out and found someone selling remakes. If it doesn't come with any original certificates, official info, box titles and things like that its a fake.

Some sellers might import them from overseas and resell them. Those are probably good quality but not the bootlegs.


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