Wholesale & eBay Forum Supplier Wanted ebay seller, looking to get started; help me out!!

ebay seller, looking to get started; help me out!!

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3 Apr 09 02:47:11 am
hey there, i just joined salehoo.com; everything seems great so far, but the problem is i don't know how to get started making money online. can somebody help me out? thanks.

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5 Apr 09 01:01:41 pm
Start by going through the forums and reading and also check out the blog has a few great articles on how to do things and also niche markets.Depending on what you want to do ie dropship or liquidations.

If liquidations is your focus I would PM Fudjj as he is very helpful and is welcoming with info for new players.

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5 Apr 09 09:21:12 pm
Jimmy (community manager) is also another that can help if you want to learn more about the liquidation market, so feel free to ask either one of us : )

If you are just looking for a starting point I think it's always better to learn not what to do before you learn anything else, and the forum here will give you a lot of information in that field.

Read lots and ask lots of questions, but make them pointed so members are better able to give you specific advice that suits your requirements.

Last, but not least, welcome to the site : )

Mark (fudjj)

Community Manager

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8 Apr 09 01:52:20 am
what do i have to do first as of asap.

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8 Apr 09 08:10:00 am
You need to decide what's the kind of products to sell, view my site: **Deleted by Admin*, there are many selections, more than 20,000 items. You need to sell some thing new and competitive products first, I recommend security and protection products to you, they are well sold on our site.

Cheers !

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8 Apr 09 12:06:01 pm
You must be a registered seller before openly offering your site and your services to salehoo members. This is for the security of our members. You can register for free by visiting this link

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And your application will be reviewed by salehoo staff. Upon verification of your information your account will be upgraded to Registered Seller status.

Failure to abide by our requirements will result in deletion of posts and termination of membership if we deem appropriate.

Salehoo members we advise you to note that purchasing from a non registers seller is at your own risk.

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