Electric Potato Peeler on Liquidation

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15 Apr 07 08:32:19 pm
I recently won this product on Liquidation
and received, and its not worth
a buck, I paid more but its not worth it.

So if you're looking at this item be warned,
now I'm stuck with 200 peelers and having
a hard time selling them at a buck.

Also Ive been trying to win some LCD Touch screen
corded phones but they always go way beyond
what they are worth. In order to make money on this item
you have to get them for less than 10 dollars but each time
they go for 13-14 dollars. has anybody won this item
for less than 10 bucks?


J Baca

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15 Apr 07 08:47:21 pm
I have been having great success with them. I am buying mixed lots of a certain kind and am making between 30%-100% off of the items. It is more work going through them but some items I am making $100 off of so it is well worth it.

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15 Apr 07 11:20:39 pm
You could consider:

(a) Buying another kitchen implement liquidation and combining it with a potato peeler to create a set, thereby adding value.
(b) Giving the potato peelers away as a free bonus with your other items for sale.
(c) Selling them on in small wholesale lots to get at least some of your money back.

Just a couple of ideas :)



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