Electronic products that will work in Australia?

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28 Apr 07 02:18:26 am
Hi there
I am wanting to sell anything electronic aussie ebay
mainly ipods, portable dvds but a lot of companies sell electronic products that are not compatible with Australian electricity wattage etc

Does anyone please know where I can get Aussie compatible electronic products

good luck to all

thanks for your

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26 Jun 07 01:24:30 pm
Most electronics (such as phones and ipods)will all work in any country because it runs on DC, its just the adapter that will change, if you cant find a 240v version (usually hong kong versions) think about finding a cheap step up transformer or adapter to sell with it.

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10 Jul 07 02:47:58 am
the only problem with that is you dont get any warranty if you import from say hong kong
witch really sucks ass

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29 Sep 08 01:22:15 am
Have a look at Link hidden: Login to view

They provide international shipping as well as dropshipping services. Salehoo members have rated them with 4 stars and they stock a wide range of brand name electronics.

I hope that helps and good luck.

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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29 Sep 08 06:26:47 am
You can also go to my site Link hidden: Login to view and at the bottom of the front page their a link to 'You want your own Web Site' at the bottom of that page is a link to a china wholesale com. that ship's internationally. I can't remember their name right off or I would give you that link now. It is China something or other...


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