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30 Jul 08 06:21:39 pm
Hey, I'm new and I want to sell electronics (i.e. iPods, Zunes, PS3). Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start and if you can recommend any good dropshipers, wholesalers, etc. Thanks!

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30 Jul 08 07:27:44 pm
Where are you planing on selling these? I hope it want be eBay. There is lots of competition on eBay to compete with.

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30 Jul 08 07:49:00 pm
Actually it is Ebay... what do you suggest?

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30 Jul 08 08:00:59 pm
I suggest you look for a different product line to sell. Electronics sales are not a line of products you want to get into on ebay

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31 Jul 08 12:02:52 am
How can i find a good product idea or my niche im a newbie can you point me to the right direction?

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1 Aug 08 05:07:42 am
Hey, I'm new and i want to sell electronics (e.g. ipods, zunes, ps3) does anyone have any suggestions as to where i should start and if you can recommend any good dropshipers, wholesaler , etc.. thanks ?

Forget about Ipods and Zunes. They are a lost cause unless you are buying lquidated used ones and even then you have to watch the final prices..

Now I will contradict myself slightly here. You can find super deals at retails at certain times.

Example, Sears had the older version of the Zune 30GB for 50$. You could have easily sold it for a profit on eBay.

You can find these deals when retailers run specials.

I purchased a laser printer from Staples, stacked a couple of coupons and got it for 100.00. It was a 300 dollar printer. I sold it on Craigslist for 175.

I have done this with harddrives too.

And if your savvy enough you can sometimes find computer parts and electronics on retail websites and resell them on eBay for a profit.

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3 Aug 08 10:40:04 am
Hi There,
I'm just starting out and was wondering what the deal is with 'japan' specked PSPs? How different are they than the regular ones you'd buy retail in NZ?



Best regards,

Uili Fecteau
State House Designs
(Simteau Investments Ltd.)
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4 Aug 08 02:33:15 am
you can try drop ship design website, they offer drop ship ,website plane with reasonable prices
check this
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good luck

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4 Aug 08 09:49:26 pm
you can go to this link Link hidden: Login to view

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6 Aug 08 02:02:37 pm
I also had this Idea, I have been moving some Gaming product on e-bay recently but the profits don't exist.

Reading up on Ipods etc (that still run quite high retail in my country) I was tempted but then backed off because of the 'unknown' import duties and compatability issues versus supply and demand.

So another research project needs to be kicked off.

Does anyone know the best research tools for My region (benelux) or should I go get a programmer to write me one?

Thanks for the input.

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