Electronics suppliers - iPods, mobiles etc.

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16 Jul 07 06:16:21 am
Hey Guys,
New to the site, but starting to get around it.
I am 18 living in AUS, a paraplegic and studying at uni.
Work is not for me and I want to be my own boss.

I would really like to get into selling mobiles, iPods, car mp3 head units etc, anything electrical, so if someone could help me out with some good priced wholesalers that are good to deal with that would be much appreciated.

Please help me get on my feet on the ground and get the ball rolling. :wink:

Thanks guys
Best of luck

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16 Jul 07 11:29:44 am
Hi .. welcome to the site. anyway do u want to sell the name brand electronic or no name one that come from china?.
for no name brand most ppl here recommend DHgate.com or chinavasion.com
for the name brand. most ppl here goes to the Mkenterprise.com
but for beginner i really recommend u should start small and start building it up and go for large or exp product when u got the skills or experience..
well i am a newbie too.. so maybe u can wait for some experts to give u some advice..~ cheers.
i just reply u so u wont feel alone :)

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4 Aug 07 10:44:40 pm
That was good advice, especially the sourcing outlets provided. Only thing I would add is that you will not be able to buy a genuine brand name product in China, all fakes for sure!

The good news is that you can still use sites like Dhgate to source cheaper Chinese brands and chase the cheaper end of the market, you may even find that there is more margin at that end!

Good luck

Mark (fudjj)

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17 Sep 07 07:00:35 am

Just a little piece of advice here. Unless you already know someone that works for the manufacture or you have some insider information related to that you may want to reconsider getting into selling electronics. These are my reasons just so you know that I am just playing devil's advocate here.

1. Electronics niche on ebay is saturated right now. Every new person getting online and going straight to eBay thinks that they have found the best deal on the net when it comes to high end items...research it a little bit and you will understand what I am talking about.

2. Profit margins - In order to compete on eBay with the items that you are requesting you must buy in bulk and even if you do happen to find a wholesaler, you would have to buy in big lots because half of the eBayers that advertise on eBay get their big ticket items for literally pennies on the dollar.

Now solutions to the problems (at least in my mind as I am not familiar with your financial status, etc.) maybe consider doing the lower end items related to the electronics...I know that sounds really corny but think about it just for one second. Here is the scenerio:

You happen to find an item that you are able to sell on eBay for about $500.00 and it only cost you $350.00. Now you have to subtract the listing fees, the fees by your payment processor and you end up making about $55.00 (all of these numbers are hypothetical). Not to mention that you have only made one sale on that item.

#2. You get into power cord supplys, electronic accessories for ipods, mobiles, etc. ALL of these items can be extremely cheap if bought in lots and you could start less than $100.00 out of pocket expense. Markup can be very great and people will tend to try you out more if you are selling a cheaper product ($5 - 30) before they will buy from you at $100+ (well unless you have impecible feedback)

I hope that this helps a little bit or at least gives you some food for thought.


Jason Conway
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17 Sep 07 07:57:10 am
I think you should also read the stickys posted on all the forums it will help you greatly in deciding what you want to attempt to sell and what you will actually be able to sell..

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11 Oct 07 02:17:11 pm
Hi guys,

Thanks heaps for your help. I would have replied earlier but I couldnt find my post. I have been doing some endless nights of research and yes have to agree with all of you that electronics are not the way to go. Ebay is just flooded with sellers of these items, and plus I can not find a supplier.

I am still having NO luck with finding a product through the suppliers on this site. After spending many endless hours just trying to find a product that is genuine and not a scam is becoming impossible.

I have found DHgate to have some good products on there but you can not communicate with the sellers.

I will look at doing smaller products as Jason said, as my capital is not huge and I need to get the ball rolling, even if I am only makeing a few dollars per item, it all adds up.

Another item I was thinking of looking at is DVD's. But then there is the problem of the market being flooded and also fakes. But if I can buy them cheap enough surely you could get close to doubling your money.

Please keep the advice coming as at this stage I am having no luck and want to get into selling big time as uni expenses are going through the roof.... Any products and if you could point me into the direction of good wholesalers that would be excellent.

Thanks heaps
Trent :)

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11 Oct 07 02:44:59 pm

I have found DHgate to have some good products on there but you can not communicate with the sellers.quote]

i think i could help to communicate with those chinese seller on dhgate if you really find some good bargins on the website.

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11 Oct 07 02:49:16 pm

Yes I sure am, alot of scammers are out there.

Thanks, I have added you to msn :)

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29 Sep 08 12:24:28 am
Have a look at Link hidden: Login to view

They are based in Hong Kong but offer international shipping as well as dropshipping services. Their stock includes a large range of brand name consumer electronics that I think you would be interested in. Fellow Salehoo members have also rated them with 4 stars and some excellent reviews.

Check them out and good luck with your ventures :)

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