Electronics suppliers? - Still worth looking in China?

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16 Dec 08 06:26:09 pm
Many many more people everyday are turning to chinese suppliers for most products they want to sell.
I am looking to sell original mobile phones and other electronics such as ipods and mass memory. Does anybody know of any good sources and is it worth still looking around China.
Is China worth looking at for clothing, bags, sunglasses, sex toys etc... as well

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16 Dec 08 09:18:47 pm
Is it still worth buying from China? Yes. For the products you are after no. If you want unbranded goods from China then they are excellent. If you want the brand name stuff then everytime you attempt to buy you will be left dissapointed. They don't sell anything authentic, the clothes are fake, the electronics fake, sunglasses etc. all fake.

However Hong Kong is a different story, you can get branded goods from there. So forget China for what you are looking for and look at HK and singapore...

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16 Dec 08 11:28:04 pm
As stated above

China is not, and has never been a good place to source branded items, simply doesn't happen. They are however the number one source in the world for purchasing fakes!

Of course that market supplies retailers who actively source cheap imitations for resale, and then catches those thinking that China is the land of branded bargains.

What usually happens when a member warns anyone about trying to find branded items in China is that some idiot that doesn't have a clue will come along and dispute the fact, saying that they have bought ipods, or phones or something like that and they were great.

Yes, you can get anything from being scammed out of your money altogether, to great, but you can't get genuine!

If you want unbranded items, then you still have to be careful to find a reliable source, but China would be very high on any buyers list.

The two countries offered by bevsey are known as good sources, and there was some talk about Brazil also being a possible source, so it may be well worth it looking there.

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17 Dec 08 01:20:46 am
Only once have I met a guy who imported from Brazil, he was in the commercial unit next to ours and had brought over a load of these bathy soapy items which were great! Not sure he was a good enough businessman to make it work but it said a lot about Brazil.

Leave China alone, in the early days its best not to use them. Until you can dodge the scams and fakes its not worth the risk.

The usa has few scams, most of them are on the forum! UK has few, Hong Kong has many but you can usually tell on price whos legit.

If you need a company verifying I can usually tell and will be quite happy to give you my two cents.

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17 Dec 08 08:22:30 am
Hi there,

I read your post and I may be able to help. I'm a Canadian currently working in China so I'm familiar with what you can and get in China.

As for original mobile phones and iphones, you won't be able to find them for cheap in China. For mass memory like Memory Stick Duos and USB keys, they are quite cheap here to purchase. Some are labeled as Sony etc etc but I'm not sure if they are originals or just relabeled but they all work how they are supposed to.

I do know more about clothing because that is what I mainly export for my clients. If you are looking for branded clothing, there is everything from Hugo Boss to Abrecrombie to Ed Hardy etc. Most are not originals but if you look hard enough you can find alot of good quality copies of the originals (not just T-shirts with Armani written on it 100 times).

For designer bags, they are also copies. They have grades that go from B to A to AAA and in some cases 1to1 (supposed to be same material and everything as the real deal). I've looked at some AAA and compared them with the originals and I honestly can't tell the difference.

So I guess alot of what you are looking for is fake in China. But obviously there is a large market for fake goods, and if you inform the customers of their authenticity and your price is fair then it may work.

Another route is if you want to start your own clothing or purse brand. There are ALOT of clothing and purse companies with their own styles and designers that can make you quality fashionable clothing at great prices. You can also put your own label on them.

If you need anymore info or help sourcing these products. You can PM me or email me at Link hidden: Login to view

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17 Dec 08 10:30:46 am
its a big ball of string u need to unwind.I just returned from Hong kong.Yes you can get real products from CHINA.One of the suppliers i seen on salehoo or at least someone posted their name in the forum is a hong kong company.They get their products brand name and real from you guessed it CHINA(this company told me in person).If you can find the ocm or oem i forget off hand(the factory authorized to make for sony or nintendo or whover brand) manufacturer in china you will get the REAL brand name products,made in china.Even Singapore companies import from USA (electronics) and resell for wholesale,or retail.Its a big ball of string you need to unwind to get to the real source.
apple ipods are made in china why? its only 3.00 of the cost of the ipod.

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18 Jan 09 11:55:25 pm
Have you tried MK Enterprise for branded electronics? Here is their link...
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They have a great range of the latest merchandise that consumers are looking for. MK offers worldwide shipping as well as dropshipping services. Salehoo members have rated them with 4 stars in the directory and have given them some excellent reviews.

Check them out!

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