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16 Mar 08 07:56:54 pm
I have been selling books on my Ebay store, at first everything was good, but a lot of potential buyers are now asking if the books are First Editions. I don't seem to be able to find a reputible book wholsealler who can give me information on how to buy only first edition books. Does anyone have any suggestions? IN ADDITION TO MY SORRY STATE OF BUSINESS ABOVE, I thought I would add more items to the store... bad mistake?! I think so... I bought 'jewelry'... what I thought was authentic from two sites. They looked nice, but I can't sell them! I paid for a a LOT of 10 18K gold stud earrings, another LOT of 20, etc., but did not know that they were gold 'plated', I also bought a few 4 rings.. they same. How can I sell these, make a profit and be honest to my customers. Overall, the jewerly I purchased cost me $223.23. Again, any help or suggestions would be truly appreciated!

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16 Mar 08 11:05:28 pm
what are you looking for to sell, are you looking for different items to expand your stock selection, or just books.


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