Free (Blank) Websites - info on them?

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20 Jun 07 04:01:00 pm
There are a lot of free whatever websites that require you to get referrals to recieve free items. I just wanted to know the good, the bad and the ugly about them. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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28 Jun 07 09:01:04 pm
Well many of them require you to sign up for things like a free credit card or trial to something else and if you don't cancel you get billed for it.

Just make sure you read the terms before signing up.

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28 Jun 07 09:25:23 pm
If you want a website you should try Link hidden: Login to view they have some of the lowest rates in the industry. I pay as little as $3.00 a month on a few of my websites.

Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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19 Jul 07 06:09:44 am
dropship wholesalers website is very unreliable and unstable in my opinion.I had one and made them refund the price of it.You need quite a bit of exp. in website creating to make it work for you and then next time u log on prices change to some wild low figures.anyway the os commerce platform they use is free,so why pay 100.00 for it??? check out the forum there b4 u purchase and look at all the complaints and problems they are having.

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19 Jul 07 06:37:09 am
Hi there am using hostgator and godaddy for different things at the mo.
however on the subject of making your own, unless you are quite experienced, it's gonna take ages just to get one published never mind more!
what i have done is joined a company that costs me $20/mth and you can make as many sites as you want, you even get a free domain name. the big thing for me tho is it has video tutorials, very easy to understand and the support is very quick and reliable. there is also a very special start up bonus. can't put my link here but have a look at my sinature.


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