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G-star clothes

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16 Jun 07 07:20:15 am
well i joined up to salehoo to find g star clothes but i cant find any. If any 1 can help that would be good. but if i cant how do u go about getting your money back? i must say i am disappointed it was hyped up a lot :cry:

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16 Jun 07 08:26:02 am
Im uncertain that we had any ads running for the G-star brand. Its possible one of our affiliates had advertised this. We have no control of what are affiliates are saying we have sources for.

But we try to supply you with as many sources as possible.
We do have many other brands that we advertize regularly.

This type of product line you have to also note that there are no specific suppliers of designer clothing. Most designer companies do not sell to wholesalers, they only sell to retialers or designer botiques. The items you see many ebayers selling are purchased through liquidations and surplus sales. As retailers change thier stock over they sell all of thier shelf pulls and surpluss to liquidation companies.

Other smaller online companies buy these items directly from the liquidators and break them down and sell them at what they claim to be as wholesale prices.

If you want the best prices for designer brands you should check out places like Link hidden: Login to view As they recieve lots from many of the big retailers like sax and macy's pennys and more.

You can also check out

Link hidden: Login to view
They are ebay seller dedicated, meaning they only sell to ebayers for sale on ebay. They purchase thier items through liquidations.

You can also check out
Link hidden: Login to view

We check all of our suppliers out and do the best possible research to ensure that our suppliers are not scam companies. So its doubtfull you will find a better list company to source your products from. The specific line that you are looking for definately does not source to wholesalers. Anyone claiming to be a direct wholesaler for this brand is either lying or they are selling knockoffs. Therefore they would just be another scammer.

All the other wholesale list companies could care less if they supplied you with a scammers link. They only care about your money and that is it. I should Know , Ive purchased from most all of them and thier links are absolute junk.

If you feel that salehoo is just not for you then you can request for a refund by emailing us at Link hidden: Login to view

Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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