Genuine Evisu or not?

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5 Aug 07 07:11:48 pm
Hi, new to Salehoo so not sure if doing this right but give it a go, i've been selling designer clothing on ebay for a while now and a month or so back picked up a lot including 14 pairs of Evisu denim shorts, i listed a pair on ebay put not long after they were taken off due to copyright, trademark policies, i then contacted Evisu straight off asking about this and was told the Vero programme on ebay had reported them as fake. After a bit of contact with Evisu they told me to send them photos of the shorts to try and authenticate them, i did this but they've never even got back to me to tell me if they were fake or not and that was a few weeks ago, so was just wondering if anyone out there had any idea about Evisu and could maybe tell me if they're genuine or not, i did a bit of research on Evisu on ebay and even though they look ok to me i'm not an expert, if anyone could help would be great even though i'm lumbered with them at the moment as due to other commitments and only staying in a small town my opportunities to sell them on are limited, any help would be much appreciated.


Could do with a bit of help with the site too as this is more or less my first chance to look about, ok i've had the odd bit of time to look and most of the problems i'm having are the same as everyone else's (can't find good suppliers to sell for a decent profit on ebay here in UK), and funds are limited, not really interested in dropshipping as prefer to do things myself. I've been at ebay for just over a year and more or less had to rely on winning wholesale lots off there and reselling them on ebay which isn't easy, i've had a couple of decent results and a few bad results but i find ebay is all trial and error a lot of the time and i've more or less had to learn as i went along without much outside help but when i came across Salehoo i thought i'd give it a bash as let's face it you've got to try these things in this game. Any help with the problem with my Evisu items would be great and tips on using this site hepful. Thanks.

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5 Aug 07 08:59:32 pm

This eBay guide to Evisu jeans might be of some help.

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29 Aug 07 08:24:20 am
Hi, I recommend just to stay away from Brand name products completely right now.

It could be your evisu jeans were real, nobody can tell. In fact nobody can prove in the end where something is really manufactured, making a high thresh-hold policy for anyone.

Including the company, Evisu. They can not prove that their own brands are really made by Evisu, as a huge amount of them could be made in a warehouse overseas.

What this is, and what I'm saying here, is this is a crackdown. Stay away from ALL brand name items if you know what's good for you.

Even if they come with certificates or are NOT knock-offs or don't appear to be a problem, the Trademark owners will go after you using VERO.

They have this going on 24/7 lately. Its best to avoid them until they subside.


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