Genuine jewellery suppliers wanted

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6 Nov 07 05:53:15 am
Aussie lady trying to find a distributor of low cost quality jewellery. Must be genuine gold, diamonds and gemstones. American is OK for now and am bidding on bidz, but when the US$ goes up it will not be profitable to use. Thanks kaREN

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6 Nov 07 05:58:53 am
Hmm bidz is the only place I know of that has some great deals. But Im sure someone else here knows.

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6 Nov 07 07:10:39 pm
a) low cost quality jewellery

b)Must be genuine gold, diamonds and gemstones.

a) and b) are generally mutually exclusive.

Bidz is a good place to pick things up, but be very careful about your valuations and don't fall in love with any particular piece -- almost anything you see on there will be featured repeatedly.

Remember to properly price the gold when you are gauging value. Many people neglect to figure in the differences between 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k gold when trying to figure out what a piece of gold jewelry is worth.

I actually have picked up a few pieces on Bidz before where the net price was barely more than the value of the gold itself (let alone craftsmanship, stones etc.) so it can be a good supplier -- just be highly discriminating in your bidding.


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13 Oct 10 10:24:32 pm
Hi to all and to anyone on this page, I just want to point you to our latest post with a long list of recommended genuine jewelry suppliers -

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All the best! :)



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