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GPS wholesale sources

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12 Jun 07 01:05:00 am
I'm specifically seeking TOM TOM and Garmin GPS
devices from wholesale sources that will sell to online
retailers. I've found distributors that will only sell
to brick and mortar stores, or whose prices aren't competitive
with ebay. Ideas appreciated.

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12 Jun 07 02:20:42 am
I havent actually seen these avaliable wholesale. I have although seen them many times sold in bulk on places like Link hidden: Login to view

Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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12 Jun 07 02:35:36 am
Yes, I've seen them infrequently on, but have been hesitant to bid not knowing reliability of seller. Anyone done alot of successful buying on this site? I wonder where the ebay sellers are getting their supply of gps's at a price that allows for a decent profit margin.

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13 Jun 07 01:27:25 am
DBL and Wynit both wholesale many different GPS devices. My sales rep at Wynit told me that if I buy Tom Tom I have to agree not to sell on eBay. Tom Tom does not want their products sold on eBay and actually trys to monitor eBay for that.

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13 Jun 07 12:38:05 pm
GPS products are being sold on U-bid. Tom-Tom and very cheep. as a matter of fact I can't believe the prices? I sometimes wonder where they are getting them from?

The GPS Sold on Liquidation are returns so be careful, they might be junk. I know that a couple of times I bought some cordless phones and they were labeled returns from the vendor, and sure enough most of them were junk. Just my experience dealing with liquidation.

John ( bacpro)

J Baca

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1 Jul 07 05:21:37 pm
I like these guys...found them here I believe.

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2 Jul 07 03:58:37 pm
Check out as well.


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