guitar wholesaler (gibson, fender e.t.c

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3 Dec 07 06:56:00 am
Hi I am looking for a wholesaler who sells quality guitars like fende,r gibson e.t.c. I will need them sent to Australia.

If anyone knows anybodey, please let me know.


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3 Dec 07 04:58:45 pm
There are no wholesalers for most guitar products. You get them directly from the manufacturer.

For exporting US guitars, your best bet is to contact the manufacturers directly anyway, as many have official and exclusive representatives in various export markets.

You might consider looking at a site like to get a feel for what the most popular selling brands/products in the US are, then cross check that with what you're able to find in Oz. If you find a company that appears to have little or no 'footprint' down there, you might be able to work out some sort of distributor-level agreement with them where prospective retailers are directed to you.


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23 Jul 08 02:22:38 am
You may like to have a look at these companies. One of them seems to have the 'Gibson' brand in stock.

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They all have good ratings in the Salehoo directory.

Hope they help :)

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