Wholesale & eBay Forum Supplier Wanted Has anyone used a China Mobile Phone?

Has anyone used a China Mobile Phone?

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13 Aug 09 01:42:59 am

Has anyone used a China mobile phone?
I am interested to buy mobile phone which are replicas of Apple iPhone. I am not interested in a copy product. I saw some of it called i68 or similar.

Any idea which model/brand is a high quality?
Any idea how good the phone is?


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13 Aug 09 06:10:48 am
Hi pnm,

Haven't used a China Mobile Phone but found this review that you might find helpful:

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You may check out DHGate for stocks and prices:

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6 Sep 09 08:27:20 am
Hi pnm
I'm from China,there have a lot of the replicas of Apple iPhone in China,if you have any trouble at finding the whloesale,I can help you,give me a E-mail Link hidden: Login to view will try my best to help you!


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21 Dec 09 06:27:25 pm
As i know ,chinese mobile is more popular all over the world , they grow very fast , but you'd better check carefully about the quality before you buy them . i have good experience in this field , if you need any help ,please contact with me or at Link hidden: Login to view

China wholesale drop shipper especially acceries repair parts
Link hidden: Login to view sales@tvc-mall.com
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18 Feb 10 04:26:51 pm
I bought one China-made alike 'iPhone'. It has lots of functions. Everything is good except it caused me ear pain while talking on phone, even just a few minutes. I guess its radiation is very dangerous. I tried to sell it but not much phone shops willing to take 2nd hand China phone. They told me China phones have no resale value.


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