High end graphic cards - Suppliers wanted

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16 Apr 15 04:36:18 am
I have been looking all over the place but I can't seem to find any supplier for high end graphic cards. I'm looking for top of the line graphic cards from nVidia and AMD such as GTX 970, 980, Titan X and R9 295x2. I have found a few suppliers but they mostly have old models in stock. So far this had been a pretty small niche. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me find suppliers for those products.

Also, if possible, I'm looking for SSD and high end monitor too.

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27 Apr 15 06:01:20 am
nVidia has a list of authorised distributors on their website, Link hidden: Login to view.

I would assume that most wholesalers with whom you speak are not authorised nVidia distributors, which is why they deal in the older stuff -- they don't get it from nVidia, but rather from liquidation and other secondary sources (and there's nothing wrong with that -- just saying, it explains why they don't have the latest and greatest.)


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