High quality designer replica handbags - suppliers needed

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12 Mar 07 04:09:20 am
Does anyone know where i can find them?

wholesalers and dropshippers...


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12 Mar 07 04:45:22 am
This is a very hard category to get into if your looking for a legitimate product to sell. If you dont mid selling replicas you can go into the flea market business as replicas are very profitable to flea market sellers. If you try to sell them on ebay your ebay career will be short lived.

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14 Mar 07 02:31:26 pm
Well be carefull at the FLEA MARKETS too - I just started selling at my local FLEA MARKET 2 weeks ago as i was waiting for a 2 aisle booth --- guess whos i got -the HANDBAG REPLICA SELLERS ...L.V sent a rep and they busted him and issued the market a cease desist .so they told the gentlemen to leave or sell something different- there was also another person selling and they continued to police escorted them out --there have also been on the news here for selling bootleg cds and dvds ....The trick from what i can see is just to have your paperwork in order pay by credit card or paypal -keep your emails as to the questions of the item being authentic - as the states attorney dropped 2 of the cases as the sellers had their paperwork all in order and it could not be proved that they knew they were selling fakes because all the paperwork said the items were legit -this is what the local news reported .

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16 Mar 07 08:20:02 am

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