How to find a supplier for a certain product

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20 Apr 11 05:08:58 pm
I'm currently having a real hard time finding a good supplier for my products. Every time I do a search I always come across sites selling almost at retail. But they say they are selling at wholesale but I know they are just middle men.

Basically what I'm asking is this. Lets say I were to search for a new product to sell. Just for example, DVD players. I don't want to just sell any brand name. I would want to sell a decent product brand like Sony. So what I would want to do is look up Sony suppliers, wholesaler's, or distributors where they would sell a few at a time. I don't want to contact the Sony sales company directly because I know I need to have a minimum order worth hundreds or even thousands for Sony to actually even look at me. So in other words I want a wholesaler. Not the manufacturer although it would be nice.

Any advice or input would be nice.

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20 Apr 11 08:54:47 pm
You're facing three major issues with this business model you are trying to implement.

Firstly, you're not actually trying to purchase from a wholesaler. A Sony reseller is a retailer, they're not a wholesaler. As you have correctly identified, Sony has a network of resellers who they retail products through.

Issue number two, purchasing in such low quantity form any retailer will not get you much of a volume discount, if any at all. Thirdly, these types of products have very small margins to start with, and don't need a high margin because the reseller's make their money on turnover.

So as you can see, there is very little opportunity that exists by exploring this avenue of supply, hence why you are experiencing such problems.

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