I am pretty confused here....

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13 Aug 13 02:30:23 am
Hi everyone,

When I originally found Salehoo, I played around with the Directory Search (this was prior to being a paid member, so all I was given was general numbers on a keyword).

Basically, I typed in "infant formula" and was told there was over 10 suppliers for these products. Now that I have paid for access to this, I go to do a search in the directory and I got 2 results, both of which do NOT sell infant formula, but sell eco-products and natural type things.

I....am disappointed. Why would it state that there are all these available wholesalers and suppliers for these products when in fact there is none that I have found?

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13 Aug 13 03:16:13 am
Oh my God! Same with me here, I am disappointed big time. The directory is of a very low-low low quality. The companies listed seemed to be just collected from somewhere I don't know. Offered items at retail price, not clear in their explanation about dropshipping. If I cannot get my money back I really feel I have just been ripped off by salehoo!

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13 Aug 13 12:49:59 pm
That's sad! You may want to contact their support team and explain to them your situation. If it's not a good fit for your business request a refund.

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13 Aug 13 07:35:57 pm
Happend to me as well... I just pay, pay and pay, but I dont get anything out of it? Is this just a joke, is this just to make people think they are getting into something their not?

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13 Aug 13 07:56:15 pm
Instead of simply winging on the forum about something you aren't happy with, it would be far more beneficial to bring any issues to the attention of support staff so they can work to rectify the problem.

Since there are a few here not currently happy, I will personally bring each one's concerns to Customer Support and they will touch base to discuss your concerns shortly.

Mark (fudjj)

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14 Aug 13 08:54:36 am
Hello everyone,

It's unfortunate that you are all having a hard time and on the verge of giving up. I understand how supplier searches especially when unfruitful can become very frustrating, being a staff here I do several searches everyday and some don't go that well.

I would like to point out that our directory search engine is keyword base and may return results based on the keywords you key in, so taking amber's case the search engine may have returned results not just for 'infant formula' but for 'infant' products as well.

The companies are not collected from out of nowhere, in fact many of the companies listed here applied to become suppliers and all were screened before getting added to our directory. All our supplier's are verified to be legitimate and reliable.

Also, we have several guides in our education section to help our members understand better what and how dropshipping is done. We also encourage everyone to contact potential suppliers/dropshippers directly if you have any specific concerns you feel the supplier needs to address, otherwise please feel free to flick us an email and we would be more t han happy to assist you!

I invite you guys to send us an email at Link hidden: Login to view and let us know your specific concerns so we help you out accordingly. Irene and I will be waiting to help you!

Talk soon :)


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