I found iphone 3g (16gb) supplier!!!! Look!

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9 Oct 08 10:37:08 pm
O'k everyone, i think i found a legit supplier for iphones. I got his phone number and address to prove his real. He is located in the U.S and will be giving me a cut on iphones. Not copies, cot clones) Real deal here people. If you want any let me know, i am the middle man but i am gonna give you a big percentage discount not like many others.

How does this sound

5 iphones 3g (16gb) = $3250.00 .........this means you will get each for $600!!!

10 Iphones 3g (16gb) = $6000.00

20 iphones 3g (16gb) = umm havent asked him fo this yet but i'm sure it's worth it!lol

Hurry and let me know if ur interested before he runs out. I think he has 50 left before he will order another shipment!! We can exchange information to contact each other, i accept paypal.

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14 Oct 08 11:31:01 pm
'I think I have found a legit dealer for iphones?'

Be careful, a lot of scammers have all the the information they need to make them look legit, and people who are just starting out are none the wiser. Prices are good though :)

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15 Oct 08 04:02:09 am
does he have a website

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15 Oct 08 05:17:33 am
3250 / 5= 650 not 600 and it's most likely a scam,no one sells that cheap in that quantities...

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16 Oct 08 03:51:08 pm
If you really can buy 1 or few from him,then let us know and we will let you do this middle man.But be more carefully.

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26 Oct 08 06:51:10 am
Hi there...

I just joined salehoo today...

I'm looking for iphone wholesalers...any recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks.


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26 Oct 08 01:51:21 pm


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