Insanity Workout DVD supplier wanted

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22 May 11 02:51:28 am
I am looking for a supplier for the P90X and the Insanity workout DVDS. I have tried a few of the big companies like Ingram. Ingram's pricing is too high and I checked many of their items, but have yet to find any I could make a profit on.

From what I have been able to research, it looks like many people are getting their inventory from Asia, but I know you are not allowed to sell them on ebay, but it does not stop everyone.

Any help would be appreciated.

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24 May 11 01:15:12 am
Hi tanktoyshop,

Unfortunately these products are available only through their authorized distributors. The items that you see being sold from China are fakes. Please see the following posts - Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

If you need further help just let us know. Welcome to SaleHoo! :)


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24 May 11 06:15:38 pm
How much are Ingram charging for it? They may well be beating Beachbody's own distributor rack rate (retail-25%)

Generally speaking, if you find Ingram's prices too high, you may be in the wrong niche, or at least at the wrong end of the niche. For general audience stuff, it's extremely hard to beat Ingram's prices -- they are the company from whom Barnes & Nobles and other major book retailers buy the bulk of their stock, and many retailers won't even consider shelving a title that isn't listed in the Ingram catalogue.

As I said in the other P90X thread, there are mountains of videos available on eBay, CraigsList etc. often new in the box or opened once. It's just a part of the workout video/equipment market -- people buy the stuff then never use it, then eventually sell it to make room for more workout stuff that they're really really going to use this time.


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