iPad covers - suppliers that can ship to Norway wanted

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14 Nov 10 10:31:40 pm

Im new in salehoo and want to sell ipad covers to see if there is any marked for it. Can anyone help me get started?

I also wondering what the best method for selling is?


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14 Nov 10 11:37:52 pm
Hi thomasa,

Glad to have you here!

What can be considered as the best method will really depend on your situation and on what can best deliver your goals based on what you currently have, on what you are capable of doing. For example, for those who are not willing to put up a lot of capital in starting the business, drop shipping is the best method since it is inexpensive to set up and that all the stock is virtual. Storage is not needed and there is no risk of keeping dead stock if the product becomes unpopular. These advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages, one of which is the possibility of having delays in delivery when the drop ship suppliers run out of stock.

Purchasing in wholesale is one among the other alternatives to drop shipping. Products are a lot cheaper than the retail price when purchased in bulk, and hence will enable you to create better margins for profit. Consequently, the main disadvantage to this method is the storage space required to keep the stock, and the expenses that come with it (rent, manpower, utility bills). When a product becomes unpopular, the items will have to be retained indefinitely, and yes the fact that they have already been paid for at your end.

Here are drop ship suppliers for iPad covers. They can send internationally -

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Let me know should you need me to search further.

Have a great day! :)


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15 Nov 10 10:11:19 pm
Hi and welcome to SaleHoo, thomasa! Great to have you on board.

Here's a related post you might also be interested in reading -

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All the best!

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15 Nov 10 10:38:58 pm
Here's one more Thomasa,

The Next Success just posted their latest product - Protective Leather Portfolio with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPads, check it out:

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Yes, they do dropship internationally!

Hope to see more of you on the forum. Don't forget to add a picture :)



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14 May 12 03:12:47 pm

Hello! I live in Norway, and have started my own website for various small products. The market I wish to sell to is Norway. When it depends on price, I think of products that do not cost more than $ 100. So what I wonder is if you could take a survey of the products that are attractive to sell.
Is there any popular products that Norway does not have?

I think it might be a good idea for me to sell things that is not popular in Norway. On the other hand, it could be interesting to know what things that are selling in this part of the world.

Regards Thomas =)

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16 May 12 03:43:34 am

Nearbyexpress.com is one of the biggest Wholesale and Dropship ecommerce platform based in china. With regional warehouses in the U.S., Germany, Mainland China and Hong Kong, we provide the fastest delivery and flexible solutions to fulfill your needs. In recent, we have a scale of leather case covers for ipad. pls check our website:

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Email: shirley@nearbyexpress.com


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